New Construction

Interested in scheduling HVAC service or contracting for your home development and new construction space? At Platinum Energy Services, we will install underground tanks, as well as meters for the individual residences and for the shul/mikvah and pools, so that each account can be monitored separately and reconciled at the click of a button.


Getting started is easy. Simply have your construction team contact us, and we will help design your entire utility system based on your propane gas or oil needs. Our technicians are expertly trained to perform site visits to help design and plan your system to meet and exceed your energy expectations. If you’re undecided about your equipment, we would be pleased to recommend and quote an appropriate system. We install and service water heaters, boilers, furnaces for restaurant-bakeries, home developments, home construction, and more, in the Catskill/Hudson Valley region.


Propane Tank Installation in Hudson Valley, NY


Home Developments and New Construction

Platinum Energy Services helps you design and implement a perfect propane gas or oil system to power your new construction needs. Click here to learn more about our home developments!



Camping Lodge Propane Delivery in Hudson Valley, NY

Camps and Bungalow Colonies

Along with providing commercial services for home developments and new constructions, we can provide aboveground tanks and underground tanks, metered and non-metered for each individual bungalow, pool, shul/mikvah, and more.